Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips and Tricks on using URL in SharePoint2010:

  • Customize DispForm.aspx/EditForm.aspx
o   Replace everything in the URL after “?ID=#“ with “&PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2”
  • Jump to web part page maintenance
o   ?contents=1
  • Remove all items in recycle bin
o   javascript:emptyItems();
  • Webpart Gallery
    • _Catalog/WP
  • Web Part Page Maintenance
    • ?contents=1(Add at the end of URL)
  • View All Site Content
    • /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx
  • Site Template Gallery
    • /_catalogs/wt
  • Site Settings
    • /_layouts/settings.aspx
  • Site Content Types
    • /_layouts/mngctype.aspx
  • Site Column Gallery
    • /_layouts/mngfield.aspx
  • Recycle Bin
    • /_layouts/AdminRecycleBin.aspx
  • Master Page Gallery
    • /_catalogs/masterpage(Also includes page layouts)
  • Manage User Permissions
    • /_layouts/user.aspx
  • Manage People
    • /_layouts/people.aspx
  • Manage Site Collection Administrators
    • /_layouts/mngsiteadmin.aspx
  • List Template Gallery
    • /_catalogs/lt
  • Create New Site Content
    • /_layouts/create.aspx
  • Add Web Parts Pane
?ToolPaneView=2(Note: Add to the end of the page URL; WILL ONLY WORK IF THE PAGE IS ALREADY CHECKED OUT)

1 comment:

  1. Great tips, thanks! One to add that I like using:

    * Shows a page in a Dialog box (gets rid of navigation elements)

    This is especially useful for dashboards, when you want to remove the clutter from the page.